20 May 2013 | Team Tamar

Tamar: Pets at work put their best paw forward

Over the last week Tamar have been emphasising the benefits of office pets, but we also want to talk about the great things they do outside of the office! Yesterday our office dogs, Oli & Molly, embarked on their debut charitable act – ‘Best Paw Forward’ for Cancer Research and raised a very respectable £310!

Here’s what the naughty twosome got up to on their walk down Thames Path:

photo 3b

Upon arrival Molly eyes up the competition and was amazed to see a pooch smaller than her…

photo 5b

Oli & Molly execute a double pronged attack in a bid to get the last cancer research t-shirt in ‘small’.

photo 4

Right, time to get going –  oooops – hang on – LEAD tangle!

photo 2b

Taking the ‘lead’ over Barnes Bridge – we told them it wasn’t a race but they thought otherwise…

photo 1

Sticking to the rules is not what our two do best, so they took themselves off to the Thames River bank and awaited rescue from the sinking mud and high banks…

photo 3

Alas, despite their best efforts to get Team Tamar to wade into the mud to fetch them, Oli eventually relented and launched himself back up  the bank…

photo 4

…shortly followed by Molly.

photo 1b

Being a charitable rebel is thirsty work so a well-deserved drink outside a pub was on the cards; unfortunately drinking at the pub was not on the agenda for Team Tamar despite the beer garden weather!

photo 2

The finish line! Oli & Molly have cleary spotted the doggy party bags…

photo (12)

Knackered after a hard day’s work and a little nap on the first available (human) lap…

The dogs and Team Tamar had great fun and they raised money for a charity we are big supporters of at Tamar. You can still donate money to Cancer Research through Oli & Molly’s ‘JustGiving’ pages:



And please join our campaign to get more dogs in work places, by entering our competition on Facebook and potentially winning your office petsathome vouchers.

Team Tamar