20 May 2013 | Team Tamar

Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 6 – Keith

Pets at Work

Meet Office Shoes office dog, Keith.

Office Shoes: Keith


1. What is your favourite part of the office?

Under my Mum’s desk on a fluffy blanket she keeps there for me.

2. What is your best trick?

I like rolling over best, but I can jump pretty high these days too.

3. What advice would you give to other office dogs?

Don’t get cocky with the bigger dogs in the park, I did this recently and got a nasty shock.

4. What is your beauty/grooming regime?

I’m a bit wiry and I like it that way, but I think a good roll about in the long grass does wonders for the coat.

5. Shhh, what do you secretly do in the office that the occupants don’t know about…?

I LOVE chewing shoe laces so I’m in my element here…Surrounded by shoes.

6. What dog would play you in a movie of your life?

Cosmo-he was brilliant in Beginners, he could talk and everything.

 7. Bone or ball?

Bone, unless there’s a ball. That’s tough, I want both!

8. If you could swap owners who would you have for a day?

I’ve always secretly fancied Clare Balding– she’s amazing at presenting Crufts.

9. The Twilight Barking – does it exist?

It is all mumbo jumbo.

10. Who is Top Dog in your office?

There’s a bloke who seems to think he’s in charge, but when I’m there no one pays him any attention so it’s got to be me, hasn’t it?

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