17 May 2013 | Team Tamar

Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 5 – Shorty

Pets at Work

Introducing The office dog at Parker Williams Design – Shorty.

Parker Williams Design: Shorty


1. What is your favourite part of the office?

Laying in the sun, as it comes through the windows. If I’m lucky people will stop and play with me.

2. What is your best trick?

Don’t do tricks but I’ll shake anyone’s hand for some ham.

3. What advice would you give to other office dogs?

Be nice to everybody, never bark at clients or men with hats.

4. What is your beauty/grooming regime?

After rolling in something horrible I wait to be washed down at work.

5. Shhh, what do you secretly do in the office that the occupants don’t know about…?

Break wind and run away quickly so they blame each other, great fun!

6. What dog would play you in a movie of your life?

Uggie from ‘The Artist’ 

 7. Bone or ball?


8. If you could swap owners who would you have for a day?

Christina from work, she’ll give me treats all day or a rat catcher.

9. The Twilight Barking – does it exist?

Yep it’s me

10. Who is Top Dog in your office?


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