15 May 2013 | Team Tamar

Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 3 – Maddie

Pets at Work


The office dog at 31DOVER towers is Maddie, we like to call her our BarDog, the perfect aide to The Barman. She is a gorgeous small black lab and in the office occasionally – not occasionally enough if you ask Chikay and Mandy. When she isn’t on the hunt for treats you’ll find her relaxing by Liam’s desk.

31DOVER: Maddie


1. What is your favourite part of the office?

Hmmm there are a few spots; I particularly like stretching out under a desk, preferably Liam’s or the nearest spare one. Oh and the upstairs meeting room is great at lunchtime too (rich pickings)

2. What is your best trick?

Managing to charm treats out of other dog owners in the park, especially when I lie down in front of them and pretend to be submissive.  I’ve got this move nailed!

3. What advice would you give to other office dogs?

I always like to briefly greet my co-workers in the morning, this way you can also check their bins for discarded snacks or toys. Study who’s going to be a soft touch for ‘treats’ and ‘attention’, in my office it’s Chikay, Mandy and Pete – this will come in handy if you get a bit bored.

4. What is your beauty/grooming regime?

Daily jog x 2, followed by a light swim in Richmond Park to keep me in good health. When I’m super muddy I get washed in the garden (which I hate, unless everyone else gets soaked too), otherwise it’s a quick paw wipe and coat brush.  I like having my teeth brushed too.

5. Shhh, what do you secretly do in the office that the occupants don’t know about…?

Nothing, I’m a pretty good girl really. You’ll find me busy dreaming under one of the desks and I just raise my paw if I need anything.

6. What dog would play you in a movie of your life?

Hong Kong Phooey – I’d be a number one super crime fighting ‘girl’ though

 7. Bone or ball?

Oh that’s a tricky one being a big fan of both, actually who I am I kidding….Bone, they taste much better.

8. If you could swap owners who would you have for a day?

I’d probably swap my owners for a day with Mandy, she’d give me loads of treats (not fake Chikay treats) and let me sleep on her bed.

9. The Twilight Barking – does it exist?

I’ve not heard any and I don’t bark much, so I’d say no.

10. Who is Top Dog in your office?

Anyone with a treat in their hand, especially if it’s chicken or fish.


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