14 May 2013 | Tanya Goodin

Pets at Work: The interviews. Part 2 – Molly

Pets at Work

Our second office dog at Tamar Towers is Molly, Oli’s big sister. Unlike Oli she only visits us occasionally – much to Oli’s relief as she gets him right under her paw from the moment she arrives. They gang up together against the rest of the Chiswick doggy gang on their lunchtime park walks with Auntie Helen Booth.

Meet Molly here:

Tamar: Molly


1. What is your favourite part of the office?

Our brainstorming couch, although people don’t like it when I leave my pigs ear on it

2. What is your best trick?

Ctrl and C – Comes in handy when I’m helping out with spreadsheets

3. What advice would you give to other office dogs?

If you hang out by the kitchen at around 1pm, you’re bound to get some  treats!

4. What is your beauty/grooming regime?

I like to work my tan by sitting next to the window on a sunny afternoon

5. Shhh, what do you secretly do in the office that the occupants don’t know about…?

I like to check my Facebook page, when no-one’s looking

6. What dog would play you in a movie of your life?

Lassie. I am also a heroine

This is me having the upper paw over my brother Oli!

This is me having the upper paw over my brother Oli!

7. Bone or ball?

Ball #Obvs

8. If you could swap owners who would you have for a day?

I’d quite like to have that posh woman who has all of those corgis.  I think you’d have a right royal knees up in her office

9. The Twilight Barking – does it exist?

First rule of Twilight Barking: Do not talk about Twilight Barking… (Sorry)

10. Who is Top Dog in your office?

Me. I always have the upper paw  


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Tanya Goodin

Tanya Goodin

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