19 April 2013 | Team Tamar

Twitter Introduces Twitter #Music

Twitter is expanding into all kinds of new services these days. Rumours have once again been flying, about what Twitter’s next bold move was going to be, especially after the mention of an upcoming announcement last week.

Well, yesterday, Twitter took to ‘Good Morning America’ and announced ‘Twitter  #Music’ a slick, new service and app likened to a ‘21st Century Mix tape. This latest launch comes in conjunction with the start up company ‘We are Hunted’ who Twitter acquired last year. If this is successful it could turn Twitter into THE go-to place for music.

Twitter #Music is a free app and service  which uses your Twitter activity to work out the most popular tracks and ALTJ
emerging artists. It then encourages you to instantly share your music with your followers. Although it doesn’t let you stream music directly on the social platform, Twitter #Music will link you to iTunes to buy tracks or to Spotify to stream full-length songs.

We particularly like the fact that it utilises Spotify and iTunes rather than trying to divert users away from these current digital music services. It’s particularly interesting seeing Spotify integration, given the relationship Spotify already have with Facebook.

Twitter and music seems to be a very obvious combination. Music fans already love being able to follow and engage with their favourite music artists, so this seems like a very natural step.


Why do it and what does it means for brands?

 It might surprise you that Twitter won’t actually be making any money from the music itself, but of course the big money lies with the opportunities for brands to advertise.  Twitter will have valuable insight around the users of this service, enabling marketers to further refine their targeting strategies.

Twitter have also added keyword targeting this month, which also allows marketers to rethink their targeting based on what users tweet about. This combined with this new service will certainly help Twitter sell more ads. If #Music encourages the 40% of Twitter users who are currently identified as “passive” to actually get tweeting, this new addition to Twitter will potentially boost the number of active Twitter users.

#Music will hopefully solve Twitter’s other big issue –  ‘people aren’t spending enough time on the service’. In fact in America, people spend  83% of time spent online on Facebook, compared to a surprisingly low 1.7% on Twitter. This new venture aims to make Twitter the place to find new music, meaning users will want to spend more time on the platform.

We expect to see more exciting additions in the months to come, so that Twitter becomes somewhere people visit for longer periods of time. The roll-out has already begun, and as with every social media release we await to see the uptake and potential success of this service, and ultimately what it will enable brands to achieve. If you’re a music lover, is this announcement music to your ears?

Team Tamar