29 April 2013 | Team Tamar

Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Travel


Believe it or not, this week sees the beginning of May, which means that this is our last blog in Spotlight month. What a month it’s been. Not only have we featured some great bloggers from the world of Health and Beauty, Food and Drink, Fitness, Parenting, and Travel, you’ve all finally learnt what Spotlight is too. Result.

The Highlights of Spotlight:

  • Spotlight builds a database of the most influential bloggers in your brand space
  • Spotlight is created using our in-house influencer rank tool
  • Spotlight helps brands know which brands to build meaningful relationships through engagement.
  • Spotlight gets you meaningful coverage for your brand’s online activities, including driving traffic, and adding SEO value.

This week we conclude Spotlight month with UK based travel bloggers.

Getting away from our day to day lives is something everyone looks forward to,  which is why it’s important we make the right choices when deciding where to explore and go on holiday. The internet is full of different sources of reviews and travel advice for destinations. Many people today look to independent travel blogs from individuals who enjoying travelling for tips and ideas on locations. For this week’s Spotlight, we’re looking at the UK-based bloggers who write about their first-hand experiences of travelling the world.

Luxury Travel BLog

No.1. A Luxury Travel Blog

‘A luxury travel blog’ focuses on the finer aspects of travel, giving information of decadent dining and hotels, as well as news from within the industry. Paul and his team are established within the travel industry. The blog is popular with its readers, and respected by others involved within the industry. The blog has been featured a lot across the internet featuring in news, features and interviews. Their visibility across Spotlight combined with their huge social following has made them the top travel blog in the UK.
View: http://www.aluxurytravelblog.com/


No.2. Inside the Travel Lab

Abi swapped her career as a Doctor for a life of travelling. Beginning her blog as a place to write about her experiences be it adventures, luxury, history and photography. The blog helps travellers find unusual journeys, and learn about the world. In Spotlight, the blog scored highly in interaction with followers, who are also active across social channels putting ‘Inside the travel lab’ in second place.
View: http://www.insidethetravellab.com/

Budget Travel Blog

No.3.Budget Traveller

“Seeing the world on a shoestring” is the advice from ‘A Budget Traveller’ blog. Established in 2011, the blog has built a successful following across social and – as supported by Spotlight, is one of the Top travel influencers. The site is regularly updated with all the latest offers and news on planning budget holidays across Europe. The blog has particularly good visibility in Spotlight.
View:  http://budgettraveller.org/

Europe a la Carte BLog

No.4.Europe a la Carte

Long established blog ‘Europe a la Carte’ was created to share blogger Karen’s love of travel since an early age. The blog now has a team of avid travellers working on the blog. It scores particularly well on Spotlight in terms of the number of readers it attracts, as well as a growing following on social channels.
View: www.europealacarte.co.uk/blog/

Heather on her Travels

No.5.Heather On Her Travels

‘Heather on her travels’ reflects blogger Heather’s lifelong passion for travelling. The blog provides both inspiration and information for travelling to suit any holiday-maker. The blog scores well across Spotlight, and has a strong social following, including on other popular platforms such as Flickr and through a regularly updated YouTube channel.
View: http://www.heatheronhertravels.com/

501 Places

Up and Coming.501 Places

For an up and coming blog ‘501 Places’ has a massive following Twitter, where fans of the blog interact with freelance writer and creator Andy Jaroz. The blog’s Facebook page is also regularly updated with the adventures featured in the blog created to share Andy’s years of travel experience, his stories from over 70 countries and inspiration to others who share his enjoyment. We think that this travel blog is one to watch since the blog scores particularly well in terms of standing and influence within the blogosphere.
View: http://www.501places.com/

Spotlight database of influencers for your vertical will include the following information:
» Name and online contact details
» Social presence details – Twitter etc
» Website details and targeting info
» Influence Rank scoring

Team Tamar