15 April 2013 | Team Tamar

Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Fitness


 We hope that you’ve been enjoying our Spotlight series so far, but you’re most probably wondering what happens after Spotlight?

Remember that Spotlight is here to help your brand begin the rewarding process of building meaningful relationships with influencers through effective engagement. This next step requires integrity, the correct manner and time.

Here are just a few examples of some big blogger engagement no-no’s:

  • Not getting the basics right including the influencer’s name
  • Sending an irrelevant spam-like email that reads too sales-y
  • Failing to do the research and not reading the influencer’s blog
  • Not understanding that influencers are busy people
  • Approaching influencers  with the wrong tone and language
  • Not following up

If you’re not sure whether your brand is making any of these mistakes, we’d love to hear from you!

Here at Tamar, the team (well, most of the team) like to take their health and fitness seriously, so we obviously had to include a week dedicated to the fitness influencers! The UK health and fitness industry is worth over £3.86bn and is a sector experiencing optimistic growth with so many people taking to the gym, going for more jogs and generally becoming more health savvy. Without further ado, here are the Top 5 Fitness Influencers:


No.1.Where are My Knees?

The leading blog in our Fitness Spotlight is run by a collective team of six bloggers who each have their own goals and methods of losing weight. They aim to create a friendly community atmosphere where everyone supports and encourages each other along the fitness journey. They post healthy recipes, tips on how to dress for your body shape and much more. The blog has excellent visibility which has had quite an impact on its overall Spotlight score.
View: http://wherearemyknees.blogspot.co.uk/


No.2. Sorelimbs

‘Mr B’ is a 30-something year old who wants people to know that running is now an important part of his life. He used to be clinically obese as well as a heavy drinker. He had also quit smoking a decade ago. Sorelimbs is his running blog which follows the inevitable ups and downs of his training for races that he regularly participates in. Sorelimbs currently ranks second in our Fitness Spotlight thanks to its popularity gained from a high level of reach and page views.
View: http://sorelimbs.co.uk/


No.3. Jog Blog

Cathy began blogging when she decided to take up running after she gave up her smoking habit back in 2006. She enjoys writing about her races, recipes, essential running gadgets and more. Her readers have described her as ‘candid, honest and laugh out loud’ and she has also been featured in the Runner’s World Magazine. Jog Blog has successfully built a large, loyal following over the years, therefore taking the 3rd spot in our Fitness Spotlight.
View: http://www.jog-blog.co.uk/


No.4. Run the line

Ross Middleton has been running for as long as he can remember and recently expanded his horizons by entering triathlons and endurance races. He’s a runner, cyclist and swimmer and writes about his races and adventures. Run the line features product reviews/recommendations around the kit and gadgets Ross uses to train with.  According to Spotlight, Run the line attracts a significant number of page views and visits.
View: http://www.runtheline.com/


No.5. Julia’s Fitness Blog

Based in London, Julia is fitness journalist and trainer and is immensely passionate about helping as many people as possible to discover the fantastic difference regular exercise can make to their lives. Julia got into exercise in her early twenties to initially lose weight. She admits to previously being a fitness-phobic and not being a fan of school sports. She loves working out which is evident on her fitness blog. As our 5th influencer in our Spotlight research, Julia’s huge Twitter following means that her blog gets a lot of attention.
View:    http://www.juliasfitnessblog.com/


Up and Coming Daniel Wheeler

Also known as ‘Life Changing Fitness’, Daniel Wheeler’s blog documents his impressive journey of how he went from fat to fit. His doctor had classed him as “severely obese” in 2010 and Daniel made a determined decision to change his life. He considers himself an expert in fat loss through giving helpful tips on diet and regularly creating exercise videos. His success story of losing 50kg and gaining a six-pack has also been featured in the Men’s Fitness magazine.
View:  http://www.danielwheeler.co.uk/

Spotlight database of influencers for your vertical will include the following information:
» Name and online contact details
» Social presence details – Twitter etc
» Website details and targeting info
» Influence Rank scoring

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