2 April 2013 | Team Tamar

Introducing Spotlight: The Model for Identifying Influencers | Health and Beauty

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Blogging originally started off as a way for ordinary people to digitally document everyday life in the form of online diaries. However, within the last decade or so, the blogging trend has dramatically evolved causing a blogosphere explosion. The power of the ‘influencer’ is something that brands simply cannot afford to ignore.

Good news! This month, it’s all about the influencers and what they can do for your brand. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing you to the top influencers (just in case you’re not yet familiar with who they are) across some of the biggest consumer industries. We’ll also be including an additional, up-and-coming influencer who we believe brands should watch out for.

Influencers play a significant role on consumers when it comes to purchase decisions. These online voices offer honest opinions on a brand’s services/products, which is highly regarded as valuable and reliable information to readers. Brands need to understand that readers of blogs could potentially convert into consumers otherwise it’s a missed opportunity.

This is where Spotlight comes in – if you’re looking to build positive relationships with key influencers, our custom research project will help to identify and develop a usable database of these influential online individuals who are relevant to your brand’s product-base.

How can you be sure that real influence is being represented in a database? Our social media team of experts will conduct the research so you don’t have to by filtering and ranking influencers using our in-house “Influencer Rank” tool. Spotlight scores influencers based on key factors such as their social heritage, visibility, reader participation, interaction levels, and penetration in the blogosphere.

First up – the vast and vibrant health and beauty industry. The UK health and beauty industry is worth a whopping £15bn+ and is in better shape than ever before.

Here are the Top 5 UK Health and Beauty Influencers according to Tamar’s Spotlight:

Lisa Eldridge

No.1. Lisa Eldridge

Now based in London, Lisa is one of the most recognised faces in the beauty industry, both in the UK and internationally. She is a highly regarded professional make-up artist and is respected for her modern approach to understated beauty. She creates online make-up tutorials viewed by millions and works her magic for the catwalk or on editorial shoots. As an influencer, Lisa ranked highest on Spotlight thanks to her large reader base who heavily participate and interact with her blog through comments and social sharing

View: www.lisaeldridge.com

Essie Button

No.2. Essie Button

Estée was originally from Canada and moved to London which was when she began her successful blogging journey in 2011 to simply beat boredom. Her obsession with make-up has attracted quite an impressive following of almost 166,000 YouTube subscribers and counting. Essie Button ranked 2nd in our health and beauty Spotlight list since the blog receives high engagement in terms of reader comments in posts. This influential blog also has a strong online presence which resulted in high visibility.

View: www.essiebutton.com

Tanya Burr

No.3. Tanya Burr

Make-up artist Tanya is another huge YouTube beauty guru sensation who also enjoys blogging about fashion and creating online video tutorials – her channel attracts over 4 million people each month. Tanya enjoys keeping up with the current beauty trends, and she regularly writes for Grazia online. Tanya Burr’s takes the 3rd position in Tamar’s Spotlight – this is all down to her strong social heritage, in that she has built a devoted audience over the last 5 years.

View: www.tanyaburr.co.uk


No.4. Zoella

22 year old Zoe is a writer and enthusiast of all things “beauty, fashion and life” related. She uses her blog to express her opinions on make-up products, fashion, health, personal life stories and even controversial topics. Like the other influencers who top our Spotlight database, Zoe is another British YouTube mega star with a huge following of over 840,000 subscribers. Her blog posts gain hundreds of comments which explains why she is among the Top 5 according to Spotlight.

View: www.zoella.co.uk

Beauty Crush

No.5. Beauty Crush

Sammi is a fashion and styling graduate from London and is an influencer who logs her personal obsession for style and beauty interests on her popular blog. Her YouTube channel has had almost 57 million video views to date. Blog posts consist of outfit ideas, make up tutorials and beauty reviews. Besides Sammi’s large following across all of the main social media platforms, her blog has performed well in our Spotlight assessment because of the visibility that it has.

View: www.beautycrush.co.uk


Up-and-coming. Klaire De Lys

Klaire is an artist and make-up enthusiast. Her obsession for make-up has become more and more obvious in recent years. She loves to blog about her three main passions – art, music and make-up. Klaire’s blog is currently getting a lot of attention with her YouTube videos showcasing some of the most creative make-up looks surrounding a variety of exciting themes. She hasn’t been around as long as the top health and beauty influencers, but we definitely foresee a bright future ahead of her.

View: http://www.klairedelys.com/

A Spotlight database of influencers for your vertical will include the following information:

»Name and online contact details
»Social presence details – Twitter etc
»Website details and targeting info
»Influence Rank scoring


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