16 April 2013 | Team Tamar

Content is Magnetic in Inbound Marketing

We all know how important well written and engaging content is in SEO practice. Ensuring that Google is indexing your website is largely dependent on keeping the content fresh and updated regularly. Over the years we’ve seen the internet evolve at such speed, offering us many opportunities to embrace what is known as inbound marketing. Not only is inbound marketing more financially savvy, but we’ve become much better at protecting ourselves from unwanted spam and pop-ups online.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing 

With statistics informing us that 44% of direct mail remains unopened and 84% of young people clicking off a site because they deem the source to be irrelevant or intrusive, we can see that outbound marketing is dying a slow death. Here at Tamar we are passionate about natural search, which means earning a consumer’s engagement rather than buying it. How do we do this? That’s where content is key, as we learn to understand what people want to read about. Writing about topical content and using social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook can help us gauge what’s trending.


So What Counts as Good Content?

There are some obvious pointers for what makes good content and the obstacles to overcome. Understanding your brand’s tone of voice is paramount in reaching out to consumers and guaranteeing you’re attracting the right audience. As we all know, in order to be SEO friendly, incorporating a good selection of relevant keywords is crucial in allowing your website to rank highly. However, achieving the balance between incorporating these keywords and writing engagingly on a topic that interests others is the key to good content. There can often be a struggle to achieve this balance with long tail keywords, particularly in Meta titles and descriptions with character limits. This can be solved by splitting your content into two categories, one specifically targeting SEO needs with long tail keywords and the other targeting topical trends.

Particularly in SEO, understanding the keywords people are searching for, using tools like Google Adwords, can help us to provide relevant and helpful content. Google keeps a very close eye on the black hat tricks in SEO with its Panda and Penguin updates. These updates are designed to reduce rankings for low quality websites, full of duplicated content and so reinforcing just how important good quality content is for your website.

Of course when we say content, we don’t just mean text in its basic form. Here at Tamar we love infographics, as they are a great way of presenting information in an eye-catching format and are easy to share. The increase in video content through the power of YouTube is also being used cleverly by brands to boost rankings.

Ultimately, what we’ll be keeping an eye on in the upcoming months is the rising prominence of the long tail keyword. Increasing the amount of keywords directing traffic to your website rather than their focusing on prominence could offer us a different approach to SEO.


Team Tamar