25 March 2013 | Team Tamar

TWIST- The Week in Search/Social from Tamar 18th-22nd March 2013

We’ve published three blogs in the last week. If you didn’t get a chance to read them when they first went live, you can take a look at them now:weekly catch up

1.Rankings are dead – long live conversion! : We all know how much the search environment has changed over the past two years; we discuss what the focus should now be for savvy search campaigns…

2. Pinterest on the right path to prove value to brands: Pin it buttons have become as common on product pages as Like and Tweet buttons; Pinterest is making a notable effort to show businesses the value to their brand – and businesses are taking Pinterest increasingly seriously…

3. Who’s visiting your website and what are they visiting it on?  You only need to hop on a train at commuter o’clock to see the vast number and variety of mobile devices being used. But which demographic use what devices and when do they use them? Find out useful information for planning your online presence and marketing.

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