8 March 2013 | Team Tamar

TouchScore – why do we need effective social measurement?

Last week we introduced you to TouchScore, Tamar’s holistic social measurement tool. I explained some of the major benefits of a tool like TouchScore to your business, as well as giving you a bit of insight in to how the tool works.

But why is effective social measurement so important in the first place? Let me take you through a couple of scenarios, which will demonstrate why holistic measurement is so important…

Scenario 1 – The new brand

You are a relatively new brand, still in your first year of trading but making good gains in your field. Social hasn’t been high on your agenda, but you’ve noticed your customers are discussing your products and service on certain social sites, and feel like you should be jumping in to respond to them. But how do you know the right strategy for doing this? What are your competitors doing in this area, and is it working? How do your existing customers feel about you, and should this dictate your strategy?

Scenario 2 – The change of direction

As an established brand, you’ve been doing social for a couple of years with reasonable success. Your strategy has been mainly based on Twitter, but a change in your branding and a new A.T.L. campaign means you are suddenly focusing a lot more on Facebook and Google+. Your CEO likes you to report on your social growth on a regular basis – but the strategy change means your stats are no longer consistent. Should you just start again?

Scenario 3 – The landscape watcher

As a successful brand, you are doing quite well in social media – but your competitors are making big gains and you’re not entirely sure why. They SEEM to be doing the same type of promotions and campaigns as you, but they are getting a lot more engagement and coverage from them. How can you compare their strategy to yours on a regular basis, without spending days at a time analysing their profiles and content?

In all three of the scenarios above, a tool like TouchScore will give you a MUCH more insightful view of both yours and your competitor’s strategies, and gives you the consistency to measure success and change over days, weeks, months or even years.

For instance, in scenario 1, TouchScore gives you insight in to your Visibility and Advocacy as separate metrics – the tool uses online sentiment and reviews to determine what and where people are talking about you, and search metrics to assess how easy you are to find. In scenario 2, TouchScore measures almost 100 different metric – so isn’t reliant on any one platform or service. Changing strategy entirely won’t change your measurement framework.

Hopefully you can see the advantage of a more holistic approach. If you’d like more information about what TouchScore (or Tamar) could do for your brand, get in touch using the link below!

Team Tamar