19 March 2013 | Team Tamar

Pinterest on the right path to prove value to brands

With Pin it buttons becoming as common on product pages as Like’ and Tweet buttons, Pinterest is making a notable effort to show businesses the value to their brand of taking Pinterest increasingly seriously with a few key changes:

Brand Search

Previously if you searched a brand name such as ‘Burberry’, the official Burberry board would be hard to find, with search results showing Burberry pins, rather than the official Burberry board. Often meaning it would be easier to locate a brand’s official board, visiting from the brand website rather than within Pinterest, such as you often experience with Facebook. Now predictive search shows the brand’s official board as a dropdown on searching, meaning that brands now have official presences clearly visible.


Website Visibility

Previously the owner of the pin image would only be sourced once users clicked through to the original website, resulting in little brand visibility unless featured in the main supporting text or pinned by the brand themselves. Pinners themselves that would appear to the primary ‘owner’. A new feature displays an inoffensive overlay featuring the originating URL on image load, meaning that brands should start to see more recognition amongst pinners and a halo effect of brand visibility amongst popular pins.

The large scale view of individual pins also shows a directly trackable button back to the original website again enforcing the path back to the original website.


Discovery features

Pinterest follows the paths of sites such as ffffound.com and Amazon who rely heavily on the “You may also like this?” feature for effective browsing, as it’s the best way to broaden user reach beyond their chosen followers, whilst still keeping it tailored.


Get analytical

There’s been more noise about Pinterest introducing Web Analytics. Although fairly basic, mainly focussing on pins, repins, impressions and clicks, it’s a step towards conversion based analytics and we like that the interface is inkeeping with the visual approach to social that you would expect from Pinterest.

Still a long way to go to, but lots of sensible moves in the right direction to show the value for brands in taking Pinterest more seriously for insight into what customers want and as an increasing revenue driver.


Team Tamar