15 March 2013 | Team Tamar

7 Reasons why robust social measurement ROCKS!

tape-measure1 (1)If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ll have heard about TouchScore™ – Tamar’s social media measurement tool. I won’t go over old ground here – if you’ve not read them already, start with “How do you measure the effectiveness of social media? Introducing TouchScore™” and then go on to “TouchScore™ – why do we need effective social measurement?“. Right, everyone up to speed? Good.

For my third post in this weekly series, I wanted to branch-out slightly and talk about social media measurement as a whole. Whilst I’m obviously going to tell you that TouchScore™ is the best solution to the problem of social media measurement, I’d be mad if I thought it was the only solution. The reality is, whether you use a holistic tool like TouchScore™, or your own collection of metrics, measurement is really important – and here are my top 7 reasons why:

  1. ROI. If you don’t know how effectively you are performing, how can you prove the return on your investment? Unless you’re doing all your social with unpaid interns (and we all know how THAT ends!) there IS going to be an investment…
  2. Evolution. Evolving and adjusting your strategy over time is what keeps social fresh, and keeps your customers on their toes. If you don’t know what is working and what isn’t, how will you know what to keep and what to throw by the wayside?
  3. Competitors. It’s all well and good to “keep an eye on” your competitors results and strategies, but unless you have robust measurement in place you won’t get any real insight into their strengths or advantages.
  4. Influencers. Proper social measurement will help you to identify which of your consumers or fans are interacting with you most often, allowing you to build better relationships.
  5. Loyalty. As with influencers, regularly measuring your social will allow you to identify the consumers who have followed you for longest, or who follows you in the most different places – even if they don’t talk to you regularly. Rewarding these loyal customers can be great for social morale!
  6. Threats. Effective measurement will alert you to threats way before you might notice them day-to-day. Trends in content effectiveness, for example, might highlight changing behaviour in your customers which is slowly adjusting the way they interact with you.
  7. Analytics. It might not be the most glamorous of subjects, but analytics is crucial for a thorough understanding of your website’s effectiveness – and social channels are no different. Metrics like visit length, return rate, referrers and user journey can all be applied to social channels in various ways.

So those are my Top 7 – though I’m sure I’ve missed out some good ones. Let me know in the comments whether you agree or have other ideas?

Team Tamar