27 February 2013 | Team Tamar

The Power of YouTube as a Search Engine

The power and influence of YouTube as a search engine is on the increase and is definitely something to keep an eye on this year. Looking back at our Brand Love 25 campaign, YouTube saw the largest overall community growth with an overwhelming 213% increase. But what does this mean for SEO?

As we know, content is essential in generating consumer/reader engagement and clearly video is leading the way. As the second largest search engine after Google, it’s important that brands understand how levering YouTube can help strengthen their presence online.

Optimising content for YouTube is similar to standard SEO practices, with the importance of placing keywords in title tags and descriptions. Building links for YouTube clips is equally important with 44% of videos discovered on video sites, but as many as 45% discovered on blogs or social media sites. We all saw how quickly the H&M advert of David Beckham went viral reaching 7.1 million views in a week. It is clear that the mutually beneficial relationship between video content and social media is what sparks engagement.

The main benefit brands can find in optimising their video content is that it won’t just show up in YouTube search results, but will also appear organically in Google’s search results.  If a YouTube clip is optimised and contains a good number of keywords, it can easily appear as a top search result.

At the end of 2012, YouTube adjusted their ranking algorithm to include how long a YouTube clip was watched. You can access the time watched statistic underneath the views report and click on the section titled estimated minutes watched. We can’t help but think this could be YouTube’s way of ranking for quality rather than quantity and rewarding good content. With the time watched algorithm, brands will have to continue to produce engaging content rather than just rely on building good quality links and meta data optimisation.

2013 promises to be another fascinating year for the world of video content.

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