4 February 2013 | Team Tamar

Superbowl – The effect for Twitter and Brands

We weren’t just looking for sporting wins in yesterday’s 2013 Super Bowl! Our eyes were on Twitter. The 2012 Super Bowl created an average of over 10,000 tweets per second and peaked at an outstanding 12,000 tweets per second. So we wanted to see if this year’s Super Bowl could break any more records. Odds-makers were expecting 17,000 tweets per second at the height of Twitter engagement.

Besides keeping track of Twitter, we were eager to see what some of the biggest global brands were going to pull-out of the advertising hat. So was it another touch-down win for Twitter and brands?

Well, a whooping 24.1 million Super Bowl tweets were reported during the annual championship NFL game. During the blackout, an incredible 231,500 tweets were being sent out per minute, which surpassed the 23 million tweets over a 6 hour period during the re-election of Obama. Of the 231,500 tweets per minute, 5.5 million were generated during Beyonce’s half-time performance.

This was reflected in Facebook’s ‘Most Talked about Moments’, which saw very little relating to the actual football (of course the Raven’s winning was the top moment!) The second and third moments included Beyonce’s amazing energetic performance, closely followed by the half-hour power outage that left half of the Superdome in the dark. Facebook were also recording most talked about moments, and said that by 8.22pm Beyonce’s mentions had jumped a massive 49,000%.

The Super Bowl 2013 affect on brands

The Super Bowl is always a massive opportunity for brands. This year saw some brands such as Toyota spending as much as $4 million on a 30-second commercial spot. This year in particular gave certain opportunistic brands a chance to show off their cleverness: The blackout saw masses of fans and spectators to their mobiles where such savvy brands pulled out some excellent advertising. Quick-thinking Oreo, Audi and Tide were rapidly rolled-out ‘Blackout themed’ ads!

Here’s some of the best ones:

Stain-removal company Tide played along with: “We can’t get your blackout. But (we?) can get your stains out.”

Oreo’s advertisement “You can dunk in the dark” saw 10,000 retweets in less than an hour, as well as conveniently gaining 1,000% extra followers on Instagram.

Audi, went down the cheeky route, by purposely winding-up official sponsors: “@Audi – Sending some LEDs to the @MBUSA Superdome right now…” referencing rival brand Mercedes Benz – the naming rights holder to the host Superdome.

More results from the Super Bowl 2013 are pouring in so watch out for updates. Here at Tamar, we are especially interested to see if the predicted 36% of viewers used their second-screen during the Super Bowl. As always we are on the look-out for the next extravagant event that causes a storm on Twitter (the Super Bowl is always a tough one to beat!) Any guesses on what that might be?

Team Tamar