5 February 2013 | Team Tamar

Is Facebook’s rumoured location-tracking app a good idea?

We already know that Facebook has access to a whole load of data about you and your friends – rumour has it the social media giant is now looking into (silently) tracking your location with a new smartphone app. The unnamed app in-the-making will keep tabs on your real-time location as well as alert you when friends are nearby.

What’s interesting about this particular app is that it will continue to run regardless of whether or not a user has it open. Notifications will be sent automatically between friends who happen to be nearby at any one time. The app is said to also allow you to map daily routines, locate your friends, and eventually provide advertisers valuable data.

The concept of a persistent mobile location app is nothing new, in fact Facebook had previously trialled a “Find Friends Nearby” feature in its mobile app last year. The kind of insight from this new app could potentially revolutionise the way brands understand their target audience behaviours, however, the idea of automatically sharing user locations among Facebook friends will most certainly raise the huge issue of privacy. The app is reportedly set for a mid-March release – not long now.

How will Facebook convince its billions of users that this app is good idea we wonder? Is it a good idea?

Team Tamar