25 January 2013 | Team Tamar

Twitter introduces Vine

Twitter enables you to share your thoughts, your feelings, your opinions, your edited-photos and now your videos. Well – provided they’re 6 seconds! Twitter has just introduced ‘Vine’, a service that allows you to create and share looping videos.

For the moment, the service is only available on iOS.

You can not only share the video on Twitter with a caption and location information on but also on Vine itself and Facebook.

As more users adopt the service, we expect it will have significant potential for brands. Although it is only 6 seconds, the options are endless… right?

Who wouldn’t want a 6 second glimpse of a top secret new product?! You never know – it could be adopted in a similar way to Instagram. Of course, as with any new offering, it currently has it’s pros and cons, and needs tweeks. But, it is REALLY easy to make and publish a short video.

This isn’t the first time somebody has tried to crack video/audio through Twitter, with AudioBoo being the most well-known of many – but will Vine succeed where they have yet to?

Of course, the most likely take-up of this service will be for promotions and adverts – but it’ll need to have a wider adoption by the public before users will accept advertisers “taking over” the service.

Team Tamar