31 January 2013 | Team Tamar

Twitter – Fastest growing Social Platform on the planet

Twitter’s number of active users grew 40% from Q2 to Q4 of 2012 – according to ‘Global Web Index’ this is equal to 288 million active users. (Active users are defined as those who have used or contributed to Twitter in the past month).

Excitingly, 21% of the worldwide internet population uses Twitter on a monthly basis. However, only 51% of account holders claim to have posted a tweet in the past month. So what are the other half of users doing on Twitter if they aren’t tweeting?

They are reading, reacting and/or using Twitter as a source of discovery. There is now a large generation of “active passive” users. It is evident that the culture of using Twitter in a similar way to Facebook, and Tweeting un-engaging posts has changed since 2009.

Twitter is now an established commercial platform for providing news, updates and customer service. Interestingly, Twitter appears to have replaced the RSS feed, and now people can quickly see updates from chosen brands of their choice on Twitter. Growth areas for users include posting comments about brands, asking friends about products and buying a product or service.

Ultimately, the research reflects the fact that Twitter is massive for brands. More users than ever are posting comments about brands, asking friends about products, and buying a product or service. This growing interaction with brands means that customer service and staff interaction is a must if Twitter is employed as an effective form of communication.

So brands take heed, get on Twitter, be active, interact with your followers, respond quickly and know what you’re talking about!


Team Tamar