21 January 2013 | Team Tamar

TWIST- The Week In Social/Search from Tamar 14th-18th January 2013

We published three blogs in the last seven days. If you didn’t get a chance to read them, then you can check them out now:

1. Google Cracks Down on Authorship Google could soon introduce Author rank in to their algorithm – in a move to reward credible sources …Find out the benefits and more about what it would mean.

2. Facebook’s Internal Search Engine-Introducing ‘Graph Search’- In a move which gives a tick to one of Tanya’s 2013 Digital Predictions, Facebook ‘Graph Search’ was announced this week. It will allow users to browse their connections using specific queries…

3. Facebook ‘Graph Search’ – Significance to SEO- Find out how Facebook Graph Search works, if Google should be worried and the effect on privacy. We also discussed what it means for your brand.

As always, more blogs are on the way this week from @TamarUK– keep watching!

Team Tamar