16 January 2013 | Team Tamar

Google Cracks Down on Authorship

In an attempt to reward credible sources on the internet and filter out the spam Google could introduce what is known as Author rank.  Author rank works by assessing the reception of content written and then ranking it accordingly to its success and relevancy.  In doing this Google can ensure that the search results it returns are of the highest quality content.

Google encourages those who write credible content on a regular basis to link it to their Google + account. With its strong focus on site trust and increasing concern towards ownership it appears likely that Author rank will soon be added to Google’s list of algorithms.

Benefits of Author Rank

Whereas Google currently searches via Page rank rewarding sites with numerous amounts of links, Author rank will reward those with a strong Google + presence. Author rank allows Google to then evaluate the weighting of the links, depending on the ranking of the author who produced the content. Therefore, offering a different model to the way link building has previously existed.  One of the largest benefits that Author rank proposes is a higher click through rate. The rich snippets supplied by Google display the image of the source, their followers and the date the source was published.  Ultimately, confirming real authorship behind the content and it’s relevancy to the search.

What does it mean?

With rumours of Author rank on the horizon brands are aware of the importance in creating fresh and relevant content, not only to improve organic search results, but to achieve a strong following in their particular field.  If Author rank takes off, it is no longer going to be enough for writers to generate content for marketing purposes without a legitimate identity attached. Previously referred to as Agent rank, Google has been experimenting with its ranking algorithms for the past seven years and so it seems likely some change will be implemented in the near future. Watch this space.

Team Tamar