11 December 2012 | Team Tamar

That was quick! Twitter introduces Instagram style photo filters

So the rumours were true. Within hours of Instagram ending their integration

with Twitter, Twitter has fought back. Announcing , that they are introducing photo filters in their latest update.

The photo editing service is provided by a third party photography editing firm- Aviary. 

Twitter has recently redesigned its website to give images more prominence on profile pages. It also wants to ensure users spend more time on their site, rather than going to other sites, like users had done with Instagram in the past.

This is brilliant news for Twitter users, who were concerned about Instagram ending their integration with Twitter. However, what will this move mean for Instagram? Twitter only offers nine photo filters, compared to Instagrams 20. Instagram is still currently considered a social network within itself, and ultimately both can be used independently by brands. However, brands that previously posted pictures from Instagram to Twitter, may prefer to use the new Twitter photo filter. This enables the photos to appear on their Twitter feeds as opposed to having to click through to a link on Instagram. So is it really likely that in the future brands will have a motive to update their Instagram and their Twitter account with photos?

Team Tamar