12 December 2012 | Team Tamar

See Your 2012 Year Review with Facebook

Today, Facebook has rolled out the opportunity to see your *biggest* 20 moments on Facebook from this year.

As well as the top 20 moments, from *your life on Facebook*,  it shows a selection of photos, how many friends you’ve made this year and how many pages you’ve liked.

It has also selected your biggest Facebook photo albums, along with a selection of other stories and post. Once you’ve looked at it, you can then share your year with your Facebook friends.

Along with showing your own top moments from the year, Facebook has also given you the chance to look at the year across the world in review. This provides an interesting insight into trends and the most talked about moments around the world.  

Facebook has provided information on the UK’s most talked about things, the most talked about songs and the most popular check-ins. Unsurprisingly, the most talked about item in the UK on Facebook was ‘London 2012’ .  Other countries around the world have a different array of information.

Here, at Tamar we love looking back at celebrated events from across the year.  We have created a  ‘Year to Celebrate’ advent calendar app for FREE available to download now. Of course, it features a lot of great stories from the ‘top talked about moment of Facebook in the UK’ London 2012!

Team Tamar