10 December 2012 | Team Tamar

Instagram Ends Twitter Integration

Catastrophagram! Due to what appears to be a rather public spat between two of the darlings of the social media world, as of yesterday you can no longer share photos directly from Instagram on Twitter. Facebook-owned Instagram has apparently now disabled this service, and only allows you to share the *link* to the photograph, as opposed to the image appearing and being in your photo gallery.

At a deeper level, this seems to be the latest move in the war between rivals Twitter and Facebook. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has previously been quoted as saying that whilst technology giant Apple are their mentors, Facebook are their enemy…

Fear not, a solution could soon be in sight! At least for Twitter fans: Rumour has it, before the end of the year Twitter will be adding their own photo editing service.

*Fingers crossed* Twitter’s solution will be up in time for Christmas, so we can edit our ‘partying shots’ before posting.

Twitter is becoming ever more popular, and people look for integration and ease-of-use across social media platforms. Whilst Facebook’s purchase of the app has surely left them in a good position, removing a strong connection with one of the main aggregators of your content seems like a strange move, doesn’t it?

Coincidentally, Facebook have added a photo editing add-on to their smart phone app recently – but it’s not to be confused with Instagram! A bizarre move by the company that *own* Instagram…! But, as with previous acquisitions (remember Gowalla?) the purchase of Instagram may have actually been motivated purely by a need to bring in experienced developers to expand their own offering, rather than seeing a future for the incoming app…

Team Tamar