9 December 2012 | Team Tamar

9th December-Remember the Olympic Torch Relay?

Today, our ‘Year to Celebrate’ advent app, remembers the spectacular Olympic torch relay!

Women want him; men want to be him… Sporting legend David Beckham, met the Olympic flame, as it landed from Greece and begun the memorable torch relay.

The Olympic Committee for Great Britain wanted to make London2012 the ‘people’s games’…

Not only lifting the spirits of commuters in London, but giving the whole of Britain the chance to be involved in the games.

8,000 community champions were selected for their remarkable stories, from across the UK, to carry the Olympic torch over the 70 days !

Outtakes: 2013 could be the year of the baby! This week we received breaking news from the palace…announcing that Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is pregnant. We wish her a stress free, healthy pregnancy!

Team Tamar