6 December 2012 | admin

6th December- Remember Bradley Wiggins Tour de France Victory?

Today’s ‘Year to celebrate’ entry is probably the hairiest of the bunch. Yes, it’s the legend that is WIGGO!

Combining his many years of training with raw talent, and of course those epic sideburns,Bradley Wiggins became the first Brit to win the Tour de France this year.

This triumphant victory, along with his Olympic medals made 2012 Bradley’s year!

Outtakes: Girls all over the country finally got to see what they’d only imagined in their dreams… though not quite the ‘Crown Jewels’!

Prince Harry showed he really is capable of getting up to the the antics of a ‘normal lad’, when he was photographed a little worse for wear in Vegas, in the buff! Proving that he not only works hard defending the country, but he also plays hard too!

We’re not sure the Queen would have approved, but then our Grannies probably wouldn’t either! We aren’t linking to that picture for obvious reasons…