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5th December – Remember the Olympics Closing Ceremony?

Liz Morray
Liz Morray
Mobile Specialist
5 December 2012

 A fine example of that saying ‘Everything good must come to an end’, and what a bloody good end it was! The world realised how GREAT Britain is and what better way to celebrate than with a party?! This was one party that everyone wished they’d been invited to, showing just how good us Brit’s are at partying. Featuring performances from Queen, Fat Boy Slim, Spice Girls and Elbow, it was hard not to start dancing round your living room. There really was something for everyone!

 Outtakes: Was it a bird, was it a plane, was it Superman? No, it was Felix Baumgartner, jumping from space. Labelled as the most courageous feat in decades. As if that wasn’t enough, the jump also broke the record for the largest number of concurrent Youtube views…8 million!

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