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4th December- Remember when Both Browlee Brothers Won Medals?

Lily Shanahan
Lily Shanahan

4 December 2012

What do you mean you haven’t downloaded our app, do you want to be on Santa’s naughty list?

No presents for you!

Look, quickly download it now, and we’ll pretend you’ve been good all year….

Now you realise why we are so excited, it’s only 20 days till we’ll be leaving our minces pie and port out for Father Christmas…

Both Brownlee Brothers Win Medals

Their parents must be so proud, (and have such good genes!), not just one Olympic medal winning son, but two! Alistair and Jonny Brownlee had always dreamt of crossing the finish line of the triathlon together, not only did 2012 see this dream become a reality, but they were both stood on the podium together! Jonny with his Bronze medal and Alistair with his Gold! Oh, was their mother crying!

Outtakes: Who can forget Mr Bean’s appearance at the opening ceremony? Rowan Atkinson’s creation Mr Bean, was a comical highlight at the spectacular opening ceremony. Is there anyone who didn’t see it?! Watch it again here.



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