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3rd December- Remember when Chris Hoy Became the Greatest British Olympian

Helen Booth
Helen Booth

3 December 2012

If you weren’t already, surely you MUST be feeling Christmas-y by now! Apart from you scrooges who *still* haven’t downloaded our app. I hope you realise that Santa knows when you’ve been naughty…

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Chris Hoy Becomes Greatest British Olympian

Not only is he a Sir and an incredible track cyclist, as of London 2012, Chris Hoy became our greatest British Olympian! With six Gold medals to his name, two of which he gained on British turf, Chris Hoy has retired on a high!

So Team GB which of you are going to beat his record at Rio 2016?

Outtakes: As much as we LOVE Bond here at Tamar, we just couldn’t let it feature on the app, Q might just try steal our exquisite app designs and software… Of course, 2012 was the 50th Anniversary of Ian Fleming’s James Bond. The latest movie, Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig, came out in October, and claimed the prestigious title of the highest grossing Bond film of all time! Watch it in cinemas now!  



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