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2nd December- Remember when Michael Phelps Became the Greatest Ever Olympian

Sarah Graveling
Sarah Graveling
Creative Director
2 December 2012

By this point we’re going to assume you’ve already downloaded our Year to Celebrate app – if you haven’t, we suggest you take a moment to have a think about where you went wrong in life…! : ) After you’ve done that, you can catch-up by downloading it for free here.

In what has become a mainstay of Olympic Games lately, the Americans swept the boards again in 2012 – with Michael Phelps leading the charge. The American swimmer combined his previous achievements, with another 4 Golds, 2 Silvers and 2 Bronze medals at London2012 – confirming his place as the greatest ever Olympian.

Thankfully for the rest of the swimming community who’d like a crack at his crown, Michael Phelps retired after London2012 with a total of 18 Gold Medals, adding up to total of 22 Olympic medals in total!

Out takes: In a piece of news that will be a surprise to very few (right-minded) people, Mayor of London Boris Johnson dancing to the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony DIDN’T make it to our top 24 moments – but it was certainly a moment to celebrate…or cringe at?! Take a look now! 




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