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24th December- Remember When The Queen Parachuted into the Olympic Stadium?

Liz Morray
Liz Morray
Mobile Specialist
24 December 2012

24th December : The Queen Parachutes into the Olympic Stadium: The Queen, yes, that’s right, not only did she celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this year, she also agreed to take part in the opening ceremony. Not only did she appear in the palace with James Bond, she then parachuted into the stadium*… to the shock not only the crowds the audience at home, but also her family.

The best kept secret of the Olympics.  It was a moment that we will never forget,  an iconic only-in-Britain madness and reflection of national pride… what a summer! (* please don’t spoil the magic by telling us it was a stunt double – we simply refuse to believe that!)

Outtakes: Christmas Day 2012! Tomorrow didn’t make it to the app, but we hope your day is filled with family and friends, both wonderful and relaxing. Best wishes, from all of us here at Tamar. We hope you’ve loved the app, and we look forward to creating more apps in 2013! 



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