21 December 2012 | Team Tamar

21st December- Remember When Andy Murray Won Gold?

After a tumultuous relationship borne through several frustrating Wimbledon appearances, the country finally warmed to Andy Murray in 2012, as we all cheered him for winning Gold. The chilly Scot finally had a massive grin on his face – Murray described beating Federer as the ‘the best week of my life. Will Murray’s tennis career be complete in 2013, by finally winning at Wimbledon? We’re certainly hoping so!


Outtake:  New life is always something to celebrate. This year we saw, among others, worldwide superstar singers rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce had their first child Blue Ivy Carter, on the 7th January 2012. In October British singing sensation, Adele, also gave birth to her first child, explaining her absence from many performance opportunities this year…



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