1 December 2012 | Team Tamar

1st December- Remember when Ellie Simmonds MBE Won Gold!

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Ellie Simmonds MBE wins Gold!

In a move which puts the average teenager to shame, Ellie Simmonds won her first gold medal at just THIRTEEN years old – and in 2012 she doubled her tally. Her most impressive achievement of 2012 saw her taking just 5 minutes and 19.17 seconds to complete the 400m freestyle in the Paralympics games – Beating the previous record by 5 seconds!

Ellie competes in “S6 events”, and had previously won her first 2 Olympic Gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Paralympics, when she was the youngest British athlete. As well as the momentous moment displayed in today’s window, she also won Gold in the 200m individual medley, Silver in the 100m freestyle and Bronze in the 50m freestyle.

Out takes: As well as highlighting some of the most memorable moments of 2012 in our app and blog, we’re also going to share a few of the moments that didn’t quite make the cut – as well as some of the funnier moments of 2012. To start you off, here’s a great video compilation of some of the funniest Olympic moments from the 2012 games http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/19224078

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