18 December 2012 | Team Tamar

18th December- Remember The Jubilee Concert?

On the 4th June a star-studded spectacular concert was one of many events that celebrated the Queen’s 60 year reign. Featuring performances from the likes of Alfie Boe, Elton John, Gary Barlow, Jules Holland and Tom Jones, to name but a few – Oh and of course Madness performing *on top* of Buckingham Palace.  Princes Charles paid a moving tribute to his mother. Beacons were lit across the country and the night ended with a magnificent firework display! In a year dominated by sporting achievements, the Jubilee provided a real change of mood – but helped to make Britain proud in so many ways!

Outtakes: After months of campaigning, 31 million tweets, one million votes and$16 million of media spend,on 7th November President Barack Obama was reinstated as President of the U.S.A. This didn’t make it to the app, but we were celebrating the most tightly fought US presidential election in decades. Barack beat his opponent Romney and was reelected as the President. What did Obama do first upon hearing the news? He took to Twitter, posting this:





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