15 December 2012 | admin

15th December- Remember the Appearance of the First Saudi Athlete?

Today our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app celebrates the first EVER Saudi female athletes to compete in the Olympics.

Track athlete Sarah Atar and judoka Wojdan Shaherkani made history when they competed at London 2012. This was an incredibly momentous occasion, proving just how far the Olympic culture has progressed.

They didn’t win any medals, but we hope to see a bigger Female Saudi team at Rio, and maybe even a medal.

Outtakes: It didn’t make it to the app, but one of the funny moments from the London 2012 coverage is worth celebrating. This is the footage that emerged during Mo Farah’s 10km Gold medal bid. Colin Jackson, Michael Johnson and Denise Lewis were seen screaming, jumping and kicking their feet in joy for the athlete. Reflecting the joy felt by spectators watching around the world!