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11th December- Remember When Mo Farah Won 5,000m Gold?

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
11 December 2012

Today, in our ‘Year to Celebrate’ app , we look back and celebrate Mo Farah winning Gold in the 5,000 meters!

When Mo emigrated to the UK he barely spoke a word of English. Two decades on, his sporting ability has helped to inspire generations. His phenomenal feat of becoming the 5,000 meters Olympic champion, is his most inspiring to date and a truly magical moment! Oh, and to top that he then when on to win the 10,000 meters! We’d need a lie down of that speed!

Outtakes:As it’s only a *may have*, The Higgs Boson, particle didn’t make it to our app. But, this year they *may have* found the missing ‘God’ particle, in the Hadron Collider! The international project, which the UK plays a leading part in, has been trying for years to find this.





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