10 December 2012 |

10th December- Remember when David Weir Won 4 Paralympic Gold Medals?

Today’s ‘Year to Celebrate’ entry is a truly remarkable triumph!

Not only did paralympian David Weir compete in an outstanding seven races, in just ten days, he completed a total of 35.3 miles, and he won *FOUR* Gold medals!

David Weir, achieved his dream of putting disabled athletes on the map…an inspiration to all!

Described by head coach of UK Paralympics Athletes , “David is the most talented racer I have ever seen. You can see it on the track with the speed and acceleration, but now he’s showing the best endurance too. He is the best racer I’ve seen in history.” Agreed!

Outtakes: It won’t happen again till 2117… The Transit of Venus, happened this year, and although it didn’t make it to our app, it really was worth celebrating. A transit of Venus is when Venus passes directly between the earth and the sun, so we can see it! Only another 105 years till the next one…

Sarah Graveling

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