13 November 2012 | Team Tamar

Twitter has Plans to Introduce Instagram-Style Photo Filters

It’s hardly a surprise, to hear rumours, via New York Times, that Twitter would prefer it if users stayed on their platform, rather than using increasingly popular Facebook-owned Instagram, which is currently the booming photo publishing and filtering service of choice. There has of course, always been a concern that Twitter may stop allowing Instagram to post to it, or that Instagram would restrict the ability to post to Twitter.

What do the experts think?

  • Nick Bolton, New York time  “Twitter is finally learning from Facebook if you can’t buy it, build it”
  • Jon Mitchell, Readwrite,  “Twitter would’ve been much better trying to make itself the world’s best Instagram client.”
  • Drew Olanoff, Tech Crunch: “It makes complete sense, as it will keep people on twitter for longer.
  • Jennifer Van Grove- Venturebeat “It isn’t just the filters that draws people to Instagram”

We love Instagram here at Tamar, so we will be interested to see what Twitter does, and if it plans on putting it’s own differential edge on it. What do you think?

Team Tamar