19 November 2012 | Team Tamar

TWIST! The week in #socialmedia / #SEO @TamarUK :12th-16th November 2012

We published four blogs from the Tamar Team. If you didn’t get the opportunity to read them catch up now: 

1. Twitter has Plans to Introduce Instagram-Style Photo Filters: Rumour has it, Twitter would prefer it if users stayed on their platform. As a result, they plan to introduce photo filters! Find out what the experts have to say…

2. Facebook launches couples pages: Learn how the launch of couples pages on Facebook, can help your brand target their marketing.

3. Developing (or re-developing) for iPhone5: A blog for all you devs and developers! Our mobile expert, explains how to make app design updates for the iPhone 5.

4. Multilingual Search Engine Optimisation – Not Lost In Translation: Optimising your website for multiple languages (multilingual SEO) is similar to standard SEO, except that it’s carried out for a different language. Find out how a carefully thought out plan can help develop your campaign.

There will be more blogs this week from @TamarUK – so stay tuned!

Team Tamar