12 November 2012 | Team Tamar

TWIST! This week in social/search @TamarUK : 5-9th November

This week we published four blogs from the Tamar Team. If you didn’t get the opportunity to read them take a look now:

1. #Socialmedia How to successfully use social media for sales: Discussed research surrounding the prediction that social media will be used to bring in high levels of revenue by 2015. Discover the dos and don’ts of using social media for sales.

2. Will social media votes count in #Election2012? : Before the results of the US election, we looked at the impact that social media had had on the most tightly fought US presidential election in decades. Find out if the signposts for the eventual winner were seen in the social media trends.

3. Statistics, big data and neutral mathematical models are the big winners of #Election2012: Following Obama’s victory over Romney, we looked at how Twitter reacted and the statistics and data that the election generated. To discover if Nate Silvers political calculus @FiveThirtyEight successfully predicted the results of the election, read the blog.

4. #SEO Google Redesign Their Search Engine Results Page: Now that more of us are accessing the internet via smartphone and tablets, the overseers of search decided to revamp their SERP so that its more consistent across devices and PC’s.

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Team Tamar