21 November 2012 | Team Tamar

Pinterest Launch New Accounts for Businesses!

Pinterest have launched business accounts. The image-centric social network wants to help more businesses provide great content on their platform and make it easy to pin from their websites. These accounts feature new tools and resources specifically for professionals, such as brands, small businesses, and bloggers.

This initiative aims to bring in more brands to the website. Ultimately, Pinterest want businesses to get the most out of Pinterest. They have said the new accounts will help to improve building a community and sending traffic to businesses.

The new format will enable companies to use the online bulletin board and achieve more of a commercial advantage. The business accounts will give companies access to new features designed to make it easier for them to share their content with other Pinterest users.

New companies who go to sign up for an account will be able to see how other brands are using the platform, and how to do so successfully.

Pinterest undoubtedly already offers business numerous opportunities. Here at Tamar we, along with a lot of brands we work with, are already using Pinterest. This introduction has the potential to help both us and them to become even more successful through this platform. Now businesses have their own accounts, this will enable Pinterest to discover what businesses want to get from the website, and other changes and additions that can be made. Maybe, in the future we will see paid promotions or analytical opportunities… Pinterest is showing a real dedication to businesses.

Team Tamar