14 November 2012 | Team Tamar

Facebook launches couples pages!

We bet you were lying in bed recently thinking “I know what is really lacking from our relationship…a couples page on Facebook!” The chance to share all those ‘precious moments’, photos, posts, comments, and to be able to access it forever…

We can hear thoughts of “I would just love to be able to take a virtual tour of my love life”, going through your mind right now!

We can tell your enthusiasm is growing for this already… Well check out www.facebook.com/us (possibly the most cheesiest web address ever!)

Facebook can often cause relationship controversy, what with the fact that you can’t begin or end a relationship ‘quietly’ on the social network. Interestingly, there’s no ‘we broke up’ button on this page either. We would suggest ‘pretending’ to end your relationship to see what happens to your couples page, but then you probably don’t want a feed full of ‘OMG you broke up’, ‘I didn’t like them much anyway’, ‘Woo young, free and single’…comments from your auntie)

Of course, this does have it’s benefits, many of them rather *cute*, for example if you want to remember what you both did together on June 30th 2012 or for quick access to all your photos together. But did we mention that your friends can also stalk your relationship too!?

What does this mean for brands?

Undoubtedly, this feature will offer a number of opportunities for brands and advertisers. Facebook can tailor its advertising at these couples, by selecting companies that target them, depending on how long they have been together or other factors about the couple. If both members of the couple see the same adverts this may have more of an influence over them. This move is likely to encourage a more diverse and targeted range of companies to choose to advertise on this platform.

There is also a number of photo-based companies, that use applications on Facebook to create personalised items from your Facebook photos.  These companies can utilise this new platform, and create gifts from the information on the couple’s profile. We expect to see a number of companies coming up with  new ‘couple ideas’…

As always we’re eager to see what Facebook does next!

Team Tamar