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Tamar and our CEO are placed at the heart of social media London community, according to new map

Andrew Mobbs
Andrew Mobbs

24 October 2012

Tanya Goodin at the center of social media

It’s official – Tamar and our CEO Tanya Goodin are right at the centre of the social media community in London, as depicted on GigaPan’s social media London map, which shows visually the connections between the top 1,000 social media companies and experts in London.

Our CEO Tanya Goodin is at the heart of the map, right under Stephen Fry – historian, comedian and social media early-adopter. Tanya is categorised in the ‘orange’ group which includes those who specialise in technology and social media news.

We were also pleased to see Tamar feature separately as an agency on the map. We’re located a little north of where Tanya is, right by social media giant Twitter and social media news and web tip gurus Mashable.

There are a growing number of social media companies and experts in London and we’re very happy to be positioned right at the heart of the industry as this independently produced map shows

Tamar are as social as Twitter and Mashable



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