23 October 2012 | Team Tamar

‘Like’ and ‘Star’, being tested on Twitter instead of ‘Favourite’!

Since very early on in the introduction of Twitter, the ‘Favourite’ button has been available to users. The popular ‘Favourite’ feature has been used on Twitter billions of times. This May, tweets were redesigned to make ‘Favourite’ more prominent.

Although Twitter have yet to confirm this is an official testing routine, a number of users have seen the ‘Star’ and ‘Like’ buttons replacing their ‘Favourite’ button.

Twitter would be wise to consider, not introducing ‘Like’ to its platform, as it is a term associated heavily with Facebook- a social network which Twitter usually tries to distinguish itself from.

Regardless of what we think of the new additions, Twitter is bound to make to make changes, as the site progresses and becomes even more popular among users.

This has got us thinking of other buttons we may like to see:

  • A button when we dislike what someone has Tweeted.
  • A button when we want to remember a Tweet without ‘Favourite’ or ‘Star’- ing it.
  • A button to tell someone you are going to ‘Unfollow’ them if they keep tweeting inane or offensive Tweets.
  • A button to ‘Thank’ people who tweet about you
  • A button to tell companies that they need to stop tweeting as much as they do or are not tweeting enough – sort out your Social Media.

What other buttons would you like to see on Twitter?

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Team Tamar