26 October 2012 | Team Tamar

A year on…my life at Tamar!

For those of you that aren’t privileged enough to know who I am…I’m Oliphant, but everyone calls me Oli. If we haven’t met, you might have heard of me on Twitter or seen me on Instagram…I’m the CEO at Tamar…Well okay I’m not CEO yet, but it’s going to happen, I’m young, I’ve got time. My Mum is Helen Booth and I’ve been here since November 2011, when I looked like this…..

Now, I can obviously only assume, but I can imagine that the office wasn’t half as good until I was born. They owe me a lot. I risk my life for them, by defending the office from pesky intruders. When people I don’t recognise come in I have two tactics, the whole making myself look even cuter, doing that ‘puppy dog eyes’ thing, figure them out a bit, but sometimes they swoop full on in, just moments after introduction and start that whole stroking thing…seriously do I know you? Who knows where they’ve been?! So this might result in me nibbling them a little. My other tactic is barking, sometimes If I can smell a stranger, or someone I don’t like coming I get in there quickly, jumping and barking- gotta protect the office haven’t I?! I also have to approve of anyone who comes near my mum Helen Booth.

It’s brilliant being here, so much to explore, so many places to hide…okay I do get a little excitable sometimes, I’m just having too much fun.

Like my sofa game, it’s hilarious, you’ve gotta see it, there’s this tiny gap under the sofa, and being the hench dog that I am, I amaze myself every time by fitting under it, then when I’m hidden I get a little bark on. Make everyone think the sofa is barking, it’s so fun, everyone looks and they get these looks on their faces like, “O.M.G. I cannot believe the sofa can bark…!’

You wish you were here right?!

Having a dog in the office can:


I know what you’re thinking, all that in a day’s work?!Tell me about it!

The Science Bit

A study was carried out by a team of researchers at Virginia University who looked at a manufacturing company where people can bring pets to work. They compared those who brought in their own pets to the workplace, with pet owners who left their pets at home and staff who did not own pets. Over a week the researchers compared employees stress levels, job satisfaction and feeling about support from and commitment to the company.

Stress hormone levels were measured using saliva samples during the day. In the morning there was no difference between the three groups. But during the course of the work day, stress levels appeared to decline for employees with their dogs present and increased for non pet owners and dog owners who did not bring their dogs to work.

The researcher also noted that stress rose significantly during the day for owners who had left their dogs at home compared to those that brought them to work. The employees had significant higher levels of job satisfaction when the dog was present.

You want me right?

Last year I won an award at the Christmas party as the ‘Biggest Stress Reliever’, I’m going for it again this year, and hoping to pick up another one, so I’ve been upping my game.

Every lunchtime this year, I’ve been networking my way around the park, sniffing out the potential clients, figuring out which dog has an owner that Mum could work with. Guess what? I met this fluffy dog called ‘Coco’ who also works in our office block, Coco is great, so fun to chase around, and tease he’s likes a toy but way more fun. I was barking away with him, and figured out that his Mum might have work for Tamar…A month later, I effectively won Tamar a new client.

So if ever I’m little bit naughty, I like to make them remember that even I do certainly earn my keep!

You want an office dog now too don’t you?!

Currently Mum says I can’t have Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin…But if you’d like to work with me do get in contact.

Team Tamar