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Go for Gold with Tamar at Social Media Week London

Henry Elliss
Henry Elliss
Managing Director
5 September 2012

Here at Tamar we have long been fans of the ‘Social Media Week’ movement, and this year we’re  holding our most exciting event to date.

On the 26th of September at the stunning ‘Skyloft‘ on Milbank, Tamar will be hosting an event entitled ‘Did London 2012 Win Social Olympics Gold?‘ – a talk/panel which will not only give you some exclusive insight in to the role social media played in London 2012, but it’ll give you the opportunity to meet some genuine Olympic heroes!

Yes, we’ve struck GOLD – gold medals, to be precise. That’s because our exclusive panel features not one but TWO gold medallists from London 2012: Pete Reed and Anna Watkins. Not only that, we’ve also got the man behind Team GB’s own amazing social media presences, Joe Morgan, along with Sky Sports’ producer Lia Hervey. And to top things off the panel will be moderated by ITV News presenter Ronke Phillips. How’s THAT for a panel?!

Here’s the official low-down on what we’ll be covering – just in case that panel wasn’t enough to get you reaching for the ‘sign-up’ button straight away…

“With London 2012 behind us this panel event is an Olympics and Paralympics wrap-up and looks at the successes and failures in social media at the Games.

Which athletes struck Gold with their use of Twitter? Which news organisations really embraced social media? What were the iconic social media moments? What was the peak tweet moment and how integrated was social media with TV Games coverage? Were tweeting records broken?

Hosted in the Skyloft of the Millbank Tower at Altitude 360 restaurant and bar, with the most iconic views of the London skyline, networking drinks follow this event.”

If you want a taster of some of the research Tamar have been carrying out during the Olympics, you might want to have a read of the following blog series:

‘TweetyTwelve The Review’: Part 1 – Team GB’s social media performance
‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 2 – Team GB medal-winners and social media
‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 3 – Socialympics Medal Table
‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 4 – A round-up from the rest of the web
‘TweetyTwelve The Review’: Part 5 – Legacy and sustainability and social media

So, what are you waiting for – sign up now!



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