16 August 2012 | Team Tamar

‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 4 – A round-up from the rest of the web

Continuing our week-long series looking at the social media impact of the Olympic games, today we’re going to move away from the data we’ve been collecting, and take a look at some of the interesting insights that have come out in the past week or so.

As you’d expect, there have been dozens of great posts and studies which have looked at the online impact of the games. But to save you having to read them all, we’ve selected some highlights of our own:

The BBC ‘Internet Blog’ published an excellent summary of their own coverage and the impact it had. There’s a whole host of insight here, including the following impressive stats:

  • The number of unique online browsers visiting the BBC sport site DAILY rose from around 4.4million at the start of the games to 34.6million at the end.
  • The live video streams proved extremeley popular, with the Tennis singles finals seeing 820,000 requests alone.
  • The BBC’s mobile content was also massively popular, with 12 million requests for video content across the course of the games.

The Wall Street Journal included a round-up of some of their favourite social ‘take aways’ from the games – and no, we don’t mean the Happy Meals they bought from the Olympic village! As well as a great gallery of some of the best ‘Me with my medal’ tweeted pictures, they also ran down some of the best tweets from Team USA’s favourite unofficial commentator of the games – Samuel L Jackson!

One of our favourite digitial sensations to emerge from the games was the brilliant selection of Olympic-inspired memers. Amongst the best current available are “Mckayla Maroney is not impressed“, “Mo Farah running away from things” and “Dangle Boris“…

In an example of ‘crowdsourcing’ at it’s best, a number of frustrated Twitter users who were struggling to get ticket information set up the #2012tweeps movement – sharing information about how to get tickets using people power.

Whilst we’ve been keeping a very close eye on team GB‘s performance, the Huffington Post were keeping their eye firmly on the US athletes, with Michael Phelps a particularly big traffic draw. According to figures obtained through Starcount, Phelps added a cool 1 million Twitter followers to his tally during the course of the games – though as we know, Tom Daley did better than that.

Back to the BBC again for their “Olympic Twitter tracker“, which showed UK-related tweets during peaks times of the games – with the opening ceremony proving the biggest draw, and other medal highlights also making a big impact:

Finally, Alex Balfour of London2012.com provided a HOST of amazing facts in a presentation he shared on Slideshare this week. Amongst the insight avaialble were some staggering numbers:

  • The London2012 website attracted over 109million users during the course of the games, with 60% of those visiting on a mobile device
  • The official Games apps got 15 million downloads, with the “Results” app proving far more popular than their ‘Join in’ app
  • Thanks to 2 years of SEO, 68% of their games-time traffic came from search engines
  • As well as the SEO efforts, they estimated that at least 5% of their traffic was attracted by both the Google Doodles shown over the 2 weeks, as well as the ‘Knowledge Panels’ Google included in the right-hand results page space
  • Their second highest source of traffic after search was Facebook
  • The most popular athlete – according to traffic to their “Profile” page onsite – was Michael Phelps, followed by Usain Bolt and Ryan Lochte
  • The ‘average visit’ to their website lasted a whopping 8 minutes 34 seconds
  • The #supportyourteam hashtag which they pushed lead to 1,550,000 tweets for 204 different teams

Whilst we’ve highlighted some of the best stats, it’s well worth reading all the articles we linked to for even more insight!

In tomorrow’s final post in this series, we’ll be taking a look at what the future might hold – the much-discussed “Olympic legacy” and what lessons we can learn…

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