15 August 2012 | Team Tamar

‘TweetyTwelve The Review’ : Part 3 – Socialympics Medal Table

If you’ve visited Tamar.com over the last couple of weeks you’ll have seen our daily Socialympics Medals Table keeping track of how official Olympic teams have fared in social media channels throughout the games.

In today’s edition of ‘TweetyTweleve The Review’ we’ll be sharing some of the most interesting finds from the data.

Our medal table included the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers and Facebook’s ‘talking about’ value as a percentage of fans. We used these to calculate a total that covers not only static connections to social media users but live daily engagement with those users too.

First off here are some stats to whet your appetite:

  • The most talked about country in terms of raw numbers was Great Britain (hooray) with a facebook ‘talking about’ score of 3,102,349 on the 10th Aug.
  • The most talked about country in terms of percentage of facebook community was Mongolia with 505% of their fan count talking about them on the 5th Aug.
  • The largest Facebook community growth was that of TeamGB, by the end of the games their fans numbered 950,484, an increase of 219%.
  • The largest Twitter community growth was again TeamGB, but in percentages Trinidad and Tobago finish the games with gold for their 101% community growth.
  • The biggest social climbers of the games were Trinidad & Tobago, Finland and Ireland, jumping from 23rd to 14th, 21st to 13th and 16th to 10th positions of our medal table respectively.

I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as we are that TeamGB came first in our Socialympics Medal Table every day, but how did we manage to keep the top spot for the whole games?

As you can see from the graph, on the 4th August (a day when we won 6 gold medals), facebook fans exceeded twitter followers. This increase in fans and the 8 gold medals won over the following 3 days likely led to the huge increase in facebook engagement on the 8th. As the games drew to a close and the medals kept coming, engagement continued to remain high for us as the host country. I would speculate that playing host to the games also contributed to more social media users talking about TeamGB than other competing nations. As you can see the number of facebook users ‘talking about’ TeamGB consistently exceeded the number of fans, suggesting that it hasn’t just been Brits talking about TeamGB.

The following graph for the USA shows some different results. Although they consistently came 2nd in our Socialympics table, largely because of their very high facebook numbers, their engagement was very low, never exceeding more than 65% of their Facebook community. Their Facebook and Twitter communities grow steadily, but by just 126,466 Facebook fans and 60,193 Twitter followers, compared to 654,719 Facebook fans and 228,449 Twitter followers for TeamGB.

We could pubish these graphs for all countries but that would be a lot of scrolling and I think these two illustrate a Social Media concept that goes beyond the Olympics. Namely that even if you have a huge social media community (USA) if you’re not engaging with them and they’re not talking about you in the digital space you’ll never be a Social Media Hoy, Farah or Pendleton!

Team Tamar