22 August 2012 | Team Tamar

Link building tips for new websites – how to get a link profile started

If you have visited the Tamar blog in the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed that we’ve been very busy post-Olympics with the launch of a series of infographics and reports. After all the hustle and bustle around the “Social media Games” – I think it’s high time we talk about SEO… some hard-core, old fashioned SEO!  I recently watched the following video.

So when I was asked to write a blog on SEO, I decided to cover the topic of Link Building. Due to there being so many Google algorithm updates it is important to reconsider your brand’s Link Building strategy now more than ever.

What is Link Building?

So let’s say you’ve started a new website and you want it to be ranked in Google. When Google starts crawling through your website, the links play a key role in bridging your website and Search Engines. Hence, it is important to start getting links from niche-related websites – by doing blogging, distributing Press Releases etc, link building etc – all the old classics we know about. The more high-quality links your website has, the greater the chances of it getting picked by Google. But here rises two questions: what are high-quality links exactly? And what should be considered before deciding which website to seek links from?

Always keep the attention on the number of backlinks – as a general rule, the more varied links you have, the stronger your links profile will look. However, it is important to have very few links on the same domain; otherwise the chances of them having an effect will go down. In this case you should consider your Backlinks/Domains Ratio which will show you the number of links on one domain – it is generally advised to have no more than 20 links on the same domain.  For a detailed picture on both, the use of MajesticSEO is highly recommended.

So far, as you can see, paying attention to link building is one of the most crucial off-site SEO techniques.

How do you make link building work? Here are some tips:

Link Building is not easy and demands a thought-out strategy. So, what does it take to perform a good link-building strategy?

  1. Research your competitors – this is a crucial stage.  As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.  There are many ways to go about doing this, so here’s a couple: Go onto Google, use the operator > related: ”URL of your website” and you will get the number of websites that are similar to yours. Then you can select a few of them and either use MajesticSEO to search those website’s backlink profile OR use SEMRush where you can find your website’s Organic and Ads Keywords competitors and again, research their profile by using MajesticSEO or similar.
  2. Guest Blogging – this is one of the most useful ways of building inbound links to your profile. Firstly, blogs are becoming more and more popular sources of information for internet users.  So, if you have a big client with multiple locations, you might find it very useful to engage with “local” bloggers. Try not to forget that it’s not going to work out if you email a blogger simply asking to host your article – they’ll give you very short-shrift. It is important to continuously engage with these bloggers – listen to their opinions and share yours.
  3. Google Alerts  – this is a very easy and simple way for link building. Let’s say your client is in financial niche… select the important keywords and start tracking them through Google alerts. You will get many blogs, news portals that you can approach for link opportunities or for some reviews. Another simple way is to track your client via Google Alerts and if an author is not linking to your site for whatever reason, you could always kindly ask them include a link or two.

There it is! Obviously there are hundreds of other ways to build links, but these are just some tips that might help you get more links to your website which you may not have considered – particularly useful at the start of your website lifetime.

Last, but not the least… good link building is like a game of chess…


Research your competitors

Build up a thought-out strategy


So, when was the last time you checked your link profile?

Team Tamar