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Cycling retail brands lead British ecommerce pack

Tanya Goodin
Tanya Goodin
3 July 2012

The latest infographic in Tamar’s BrandLove series takes British sports brands as its subject and, with the Tour de France kicking off this weekend, we have been fascinated to discover that the cycling sports brands are now leading the British pack as our table shows.

When we kicked-off Our BrandLove series last year we decided to measure ‘love’ by the degree of social interactions with the brand online. It’s a  transparent, easily trackable measure that’s still effective. This year we’ve been able to add some of the newer social platforms to our metric (like Pinterest and Instagram) as more brands have adopted them and we’ve found that online communities and brand success are showing a distinct relationship, as we set out to prove.

The Tour de France started this weekend and so it seems apt that we found that two cycling brands lead the table of best-loved sports retailers. The British have always seen themselves as a national of football fans but the discrepancy between spectating and participating is nowhere shown more clearly than in what they’re buying online.

Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle two highly successful cycling brands are clearly beating more ‘traditional’ sports retailers such as JD Sports and Kitbag and are testament to the phenomenal rise in the popularity of cycling in Britain in the last five to ten years. They are also testament, we believe, to the success of adopting a ‘social media first’ strategy as Chain Reaction Cycles and its  phenomenal online community size shows.

After the disapppointment of Euro 2012 maybe we need to stop looking to the past and regarding football as our national sport and focus instead on cycling as our sport of the future – and all get behind Team Sky in the Tour.  Allez les rosbifs!



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